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Will their dreams crack up while “taking pills just that Marshmello thinks I´m dope”? Or will they get sued by Jay-Z because of “spamming insta DMs” to his account? Nevermind, Man vs Monkey will make “Kylie Jenner remember” anyway.

 “Too rare to die” – Man vs Monkey´s second track rides the emotional rollercoaster of the producer duo´s life. When Funky Monkey complains, “I need a life that´s monkey like” and asks for a Jägermeister with Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Electronic-Dance-Pop song is all about wanting to live the rock’n’roll life everyone talks about – but never getting there (of course).

Dan the Man and Funky Monkey stepped out of their comfort zone after their debut single “DGAF*” and tried to blur genres again, calling “Too rare to die” an EDM-Rock song. As a second step of leaving their comfort zone, Funky Monkey was taking over the mic on this song.


Their first track “DGAF*” opens up as a piano driven melancholic pop song. After a catchy chorus the song explodes into a powerful dance drop, to which you just have to dance to.

Featuring artist Pia Miller sets the souly tone of the song coping with the different emotions of a sudden break-up – from being shattered on the ground to anger all the way to dealing with the other person wanting to come back. All in all, a highly emotional piece of music that perfectly connects the melancholy of a pop song with the drive and excitement of a modern dance production.